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My Dad's Pairings

Posted by Jessica Trouillaud on

My love for reading came from both of my parents, but my passion for writing and wine I got from my father. I remember when I was in my senior year of high school and my dad let me have a sip of his red wine. He was standing at the kitchen island and caught me eyeing the mysterious grape "adult" drink. Unlike my French husband who started sipping wine at the age of 11, I hadn't been allowed to drink under age. At that point, I had tasted a strawberry wine cooler and Goldschlager. Both of which had taught me to stay far away from alcohol. 

"Would you like to try my wine?" my dad asked slowly.

"Sure..." I tried to match his slow speed as I attempted to act casual and sped toward the glass before he could change his mind.

I will never forget my first taste of red wine. My mouth filled with so many different tastes and my body instantly warmed and relaxed. I never knew a drink could have so much much personality. Not even my new found love for coffee compared to these fruit and pepper tastes that hit me all at once. 

As my Dad took the glass away from me, I expressed my immediate love. Slightly shocked to see I loved the deep red, his surprise quickly changed to pride. He was so impressed that I could taste wine for what it really was and not just a tart grape juice that made you feel good.

Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed my requested glass at dinner, and my love for wine took a temporary pause until I turned 21. Even then, I found myself as a "college" wine drinker and would drink just about anything. It wasn't until I moved to France that I really rekindled my love...but that story is for another time.

Reading and writing were introduced to me at a MUCH younger age and I was encouraged to do both as much as possible. As I became an adult, and we started reading the same books, it has been so interesting to discuss them and learn even more about each other through our opinions and perspectives on literature.

When I told my Dad about the idea of Words & Wine (over 2 years ago now), he was incredibly excited. He always knew I would start my own company, and he loved the idea of merging my two passions into one. Especially since they already went so well together. As I started to pair books and wine to prepare for my launch, he wanted in. As a devout reader and wine drinker, he was well qualified for the job and put together some pairings of his own. 

In the spirit of Father's Day - here are three of my favorite pairings my father has done for Words & Wine!

After recently reading Chabon's The Yiddish Policeman's Union, my Dad couldn't wait to get his hands on his newest book, Moonglow. The book was even better than he expected. He wanted to put more thought and go a little deeper with this pairing. The concept of this pairing is what inspired the Words & Wine book of the month. He researched quite a few before he could found the perfect wine, but he definitely found it. 

You can check out the book of the month page for more details here:

You can also check out the pairing here:


Another book that qualified for the book of the month was 11/22/63. My Dad also fueled my obsession with Stephen King. After I watched the mini-Hulu series and brought it to his attention, he was inspired to pair the book he had read years ago and loved so much.

You can check it out here:

And last but not least, I am Pilgrim, is his most recent pairing that isn't even available until Wednesday. I originally picked up I am Pilgrim for my mother-in-law and I to read together, and I quickly couldn't put it down. I raved about it to my father who became equally as invested. We were both blown away at the story line, character development, and all other genius aspects that are Terry Hayes. The book is a masterpiece. And we both read a LOT. VERY few books compare to I am Pilgrim. This one is so long it probably deserves a few bottles paired, but we have one very impressive Reisling paired with it for now!

You can check it out here:

If you haven't made your way to buy your father something for Father's Day this Sunday, I highly recommend these books (and a few others we have as our top picks here: ).These books are more than just great reads. They are true works of art. And even better - a father did the pairing himself! 

Side note: My dad also did the Appetites and Bobby Flay's BBQ Addiction cookbook pairings, and I would absolutely recommend those as well!



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