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About the Company

Words & Wine is an online bookstore meets wine bar. Just like a fine cheese or divine chocolate, we pair books with wine to create the perfect experience. We offer a curated collection of books that have each been carefully paired with a bottle of wine. The wine can share a similarity to the book in a variety of ways, but one thing will be certain - you’ll be in for a great read and an impressive wine!

About Jessica


HI! My name is Jessica and I am the founder of Words & Wine. People always say find the thing you love and try to make a career of it. My love of reading and passion for wine just so happened to be the perfect pair.

I've always had a strong passion for reading, but it wasn't until I woke up one day and decided to move to France that I would truly begin my love affair with wine. Moving to a country where I had never been, didn't know anyone, and didn't speak the language was... well it was a lot of things. It was exciting, frustrating, exhilarating and sometimes just lonely. Through my adventures through France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Bali, I came to realize that I always had two things on hand; my book and a glass (and some nights a whole bottle) of wine. The characters in my books kept me company in strange places and the search for new wines became an exciting part of propelling my journey throughout Europe.

Now, I live in Seattle with my French husband (yes, the fairy tale did come true for me).  We soon found ourselves exploring the West Coast for new and interesting wines the way we had in Europe.  It's a journey with family, friends, and book clubs that continues to help me grow in every way possible. 

There are so many wonderful components to wine:  The taste and the way it makes you feel, the winemaker and their always interesting stories, the name of the wine and its origins, to the very place the grapes first took root in soil.  All beautiful pieces that so often find themselves interconnected with the books we read.  My passion is finding those connections. Thus, Words & Wine was born.

When I am sipping a wine with beautiful character as I read a page-turning novel, I instantly find myself relaxed and in my own personal escape. I’m invited into a different world as I taste so many flavors and get wrapped into a plot. I encourage you to take the time to enjoy these moments to yourself; letting yourself get carried away.

As much as I enjoy those quiet moments to myself, both wine and books are perfect conduits for bringing others together. Enjoying book clubs (which almost always incorporate wine) are a fun way to enjoy discussions with old friends and family or even new acquaintances and colleagues. And sharing a bottle of wine invites others to gather around for memorable conversations and memories.

So now I invite you to explore this new kind of pairing.  I consider many things as I curate this collection of books:  new releases, classics, cookbooks, books clubs, gifts for friends and loved ones (a list that will continue to grow).  And I promise you I will work hard to find those perfect pairings for you to enjoy.  You might wonder why the prices vary the way they do. Wines vary greatly in price, so our prices are simply a reflection of that.  In the end, the wines just vary in price. Once you open your Words & Wine box, you will immediately see what it was that made it the perfect wine for your new book.

Welcome to the world of Words & Wine! Better Together.